Spalding House Family Day

In conjunction with Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday, the museum also holds a free Family Day at its location in Makiki Heights, with entertainment and an art activity. A free shuttle bus will run between the Honolulu Museum of Art and Spalding House, so you can enjoy two different events in one day.

September 20: K-Day

Korea has a long kite-making tradition, so this for Splendid Korea Month kids will make a bangpae yeon (shield kite). Traditionally, these fighter kites were known for a unique rectangular shape and central circular vent called bang-gu-mong.​ With some help from parents, kids will use paper, packing tape, watercolors, bamboo sticks, and string on a reel to build their kite. if weather permits, they can even take them for a test flight!

Looking ahead:

Oct 18
Prepare for Halloween—make a metal molded android or alien mask out of aluminum foil and tape! Add antennae or other accessories to complete your new look. 

Nov 15
The final chess piece station features clay that you’ll mold into any piece on the board. We’ll have models for you to use as guides or you can use your imagination to come up with your own creation. Checkmate!