Visitor Guidelines

2016 Closed Days

August 28 to October 4, 2016
Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bags and Parcels

Lockers will be available to store bags and parcels at Shangri La. All bags that are brought to Shangri La may be inspected by security staff. Visitors are required to check backpacks and any items larger than 11" x 17" x 8"

Wheelchair Accessibility

Visitors who use wheelchairs or who cannot climb 53 steps independently are asked to contact the Shangri La Reservations office at 808-532-3853 (ext. 1) to set up a private tour at least two weeks in advance of their tour date. The private tour will make it possible to see areas of the house and gardens without climbing several flights of stairs. Be sure to visit Shangri La with a companion who is physically able to provide you with the assistance needed.

Shangri La has a lift, ramps and an accessible restroom for visitors in wheelchairs.

Visitor Facilities

Two unisex restrooms are available on site at Shangri La. Drinking water is also available.


The climate at Shangri La is usually hot and sunny and the house is not air-conditioned. Comfortable walking shoes, lightweight clothing and sunglasses are recommended.


Photography is permitted in designated areas for private, noncommercial use only. Permission to publish, reproduce, exhibit or distribute images must be obtained by separate agreement. To request more information, contact


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site at Shangri La.

Cell Phones and Pagers

We request that cell phones and pagers be turned off during the tour. Be advised that most cell phones and pagers do not pick up a signal at Shangri La.