Young Samurai on Horseback

Young Samurai on Horseback

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Young Samurai on Horseback

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1745 c.


Okumura Masanobu


Unknown (Japanese Art)


Color woodblock print Technique: Woodblock print. Urushi-e: 4 colors by hand.

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Gift of James A. Michener, 1991 (21886)

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Kanji : 若衆と物見窓 Series Kanji : None


A stylish young samurai is seated upon an elaborately bedecked mount. Above his head bloom cherry blossoms, and through a window two girls peek at him admiringly. The poem reads: “To the breeze of love the cherry blossoms fall, beside the viewing-window.” He is immaculately dressed and even his horse is trimmed up for the occasion. It is thought that the model for the splendid young man was Sanogawa Ichimatsu, a popular Kabuki actor who often served as a subject of Masanobu’s prints. (from "VOGUE in Japan: Edo Fashion through Japanese prints" exhibition 07/30/08-)