The Sound of the Bell

The Sound of the Bell

Object Title:

The Sound of the Bell

Series Title:

Ten Types of Female Nudes


1964 - 1966


Ishikawa Toraji


Yamagishi Kazue


Matsuzaki Keisaburö


Color woodblock print Technique: Nishiki-e (Woodblock print with color blocks)

Credit Line:

Gift of Richard Miles, 1997 (26334)

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Other Title:

Kanji : 鈴の音


This print depicts a nude woman playing with a Pekinese dog. Sitting on a red rug, in front of a Japanese screen, she uses a small bell to get the dog’s attention. The use of the flat red color and elevated viewpoint are traditional Japanese painting methods. In the Japan & Paris exhibition, there is a painting called Scarlet Rug (1932) by Mitsutani Kunishirö (1874-1936). The similarity between Mitsutani’s painting and Toraji’s print is remarkable. Ishikawa and Mitsutani were both taught by Koyama Shötarö (1857-1916), a Western-style painter. Also, both were involved in the Taiheiyö Gakai (an art organization focusing on Western-style painting and sculpture).