Eleven-Headed Kannon (Jüichimen Kannnon)

Eleven-Headed Kannon (Jüichimen Kannnon)

Object Title:

Eleven-Headed Kannon (Jüichimen Kannnon)


1500 s century c.




painting Technique: painting on paper

Credit Line:

Purchase, 1954 (13432)

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This print depicts Eleven-Headed Kannon, known in Japanese as Jüichimen-Kannon. The deity has four arms holding a rosary, a kundika (holy-water bottle), a priest’s staff with rings, and a lotus flower, each of which symbolizes different aspects of the purity and effectiveness of Buddhist teachings. As an emanation of Amida Buddha, Kannon is depicted with a standing Amida figure in his headdress. The figure’s main face is serene, and the ten small faces above it have benevolent expressions. The eleven heads symbolize the ability of Kannon as the Bodhisattva of Compassion to be aware of the needs and cries for help of all sentient beings. (from Pathway exhibition 1/29/08-)