Lady Roko

Lady Roko

Object Title:

Lady Roko

Series Title:

The Flowers of Beauty from the Floating World


c.1768 - 1769


Suzuki Harunobu


Unknown Publisher


Color woodblock print Technique: Woodblock print with color block

Credit Line:

Gift of James A. Michener, 1959 (14485)

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Other Title:

Kana: ろおうむすめ とこなつ(なでしこ) Kanji : 路考 瞿麦 Series Kanji : 浮世美人寄花


Lady Rokö, the famous beauty associated with this tobacco shop, was named for her resemblance to the very popular onnagata actor Segawa Kikunojö, whose poetry name was Rokö. Here, Lady Rokö exchanges glances with a young man selling fans. In the poem at the top of the print, her beauty is complemented by a reference to the flower tokomatsu (wild carnation). On a bright day What especially comes to mind Is the wind blowing Over harvested rice fields There are no wild carnations here. Lady Rokö's willowy beauty is matched by the graceful lines of her elaborate kimono. The use of multiple colors-including red, yellow, green, orange, tan, strong black and subtle pink-all heighten this scene's visual impact. (from Summer Evenings: Harunobu exhibition 5/30/06-)