Akasaka (Staion #37)

Akasaka (Staion #37)

Object Title:

Akasaka (Staion #37)

Series Title:

Fifty Three Stations of the Tökaidö (Series Number: 37)


c. 1833 - 1834


Utagawa Hiroshige


c. 1830s~1840s


Takenouchi Magohachi < Takemago > Hoeidö


Color woodblock print Technique: Nishiki-e (Woodblock print with color blocks)

Credit Line:

Gift of James A. Michener, 1955 (13664)

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Takenouchi Magohachi, Höeidö (c. 1830s~1840s) 竹内孫八 <竹孫>保永堂天保

Other Title:

Kanji : 赤坂 旅舎招婦ノ図 Series Kanji : 東海道五拾三次之内(保永堂版東海道)


This image shows the interior view of an inn at Akasaka, the thirty-seventh station on the Tökaidö (modern Toyokawa in Aichi Prefecture). Two distinctive palm trees divide the composition into separate parts in different rooms of the inn. On the right, two women inspect their makeup in mirrors as they prepare to entertain customers, with stacks of futon mattresses in fabrics of different colors and patterns visible in the next room behind painted sliding doors. On the left, a male customer is interrupted (as he smokes a pipe) by a servant bearing two trays who kneels at the door, accompanied by a blind masseuse. In the hallway, a man returns to his room after a bath. ("The Tôkaidô Road: Connecting Japan" exhibition Nov/26/2009-Jan/24/2010)