Fujigawa in Snow

Fujigawa in Snow

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Fujigawa in Snow

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c. 1840 - 1844


Utagawa Hiroshige


Sanoya Kihei < Sanoki > Kikakudö


Color woodblock print Technique: Nishiki-e (Woodblock print with color blocks)

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Gift of James A. Michener, 1969 (15483)

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Kanji : 富士川上流雪景 Series Kanji : None


This double öban kakemono-e (two öban 15"" x 10"" prints attached vertically) is renowned as one of the most famous ukiyo-e landscape depictions. The size is evocative of the traditional scroll painting format, and the design is said to be inspired by classical Chinese painting. This print was in virtually pristine condition, with a good impression and color registration. However, it had been laid down, or glued, overall to an inferior backing paper, and the edges were showing evidence of darkening due to the adhesive. After careful consideration, the curator and conservator decided to remove the work from its potentially damaging mount, in a backing removal. Prior to this treatment, however, the print was examined alongside a reproduction made in the early 20th century and purchased from the publisher, Mr. Adachi, in 1936. (from Washi in the Floating World exhibition 10/18/2004-)