A Hawaiian Master Revisited: Charles Bartlett at the Honolulu Academy of Arts — Watercolors and Prints of Japan

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    Iwabuchi, 1916, Charles William Bartlett (1860-1940), England/active Hawaii, Color woodblock print, Gift of Anna Rice Cooke, 1927 (5382)

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    Kobe, 1915, Charles William Bartlett (1860-1940), England/active Hawaii, Watercolor, Gift of Anna Rice Cooke, 1927 (5458)

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August 06, 2009 - October 04, 2009
Robert F. Lange Foundation Gallery (21)

Exhibition Overview

Continuing the Academy’s year-long celebration of the British-born Hawaiʻi artist Charles Bartlett, a selection of Bartlett’s watercolors and prints from his travels in Japan will go on view in August. This display will include prints designed for the Japanese publisher Watanabe Shözaburö that mark the beginning of the important shin-hanga, or “new woodblock print,” movement, one of the most influential developments in Japanese woodblock prints during the 20th century. Elizabeth Keith, a fellow British artist in Japan, introduced Bartlett to Watanabe. In recognition of the role she played in Bartlett’s career, prints designed by Keith and published by Watanabe will also be displayed. The exhibition highlight: 18 watercolors that Bartlett produced during 1915 and1916—the works show his distinctive artistic voice independent of Watanabe’s influence, and provide a fascinating comparison with his prints, revealing significant differences resulting from the latter’s nature as collaborative projects.—SHAWN EICHMAN, CURATOR ASIAN ART

A Printmaker in Paradise: The Art and Life of Charles W. Bartlett catalog is available at the Honolulu Museum of Art Shop and online.