Udo Nöger: Me Water

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    Udo Nöger. "Gleiches," 2010. Mixed-media canvas.

August 05, 2011 - January 06, 2012
TCM at First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Through a process of coating, painting, layering, and cutting, German artist Udo Nöger builds subtle works from multiple canvases. Upon close inspection, viewers can notice how the mixed media works respond to the light, structured spaces and painted canvases beneath their smooth surfaces.

Nöger moved to Maui in 2003 and currently divides his time between Maui, Miami, and Europe. His works have been exhibited in numerous galleries nationally and internationally. This is his first solo exhibition on O‘ahu.

All programs at TCM at First Hawaiian Center are supported by First Hawaiian Bank, with in-kind support from the Waikiki Parc Hotel.