Alison Moritsugu: memory hiki ami

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    Alison Moritsugu's site-specific installation at The Contemporary Museum.

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    Alison Moritsugu. 'memory hiki ami,' 2011, detail.

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July 02, 2011 - November 28, 2011
The Contemporary Museum

Exhibition Overview

Tucked into the gully in the Spalding House garden is a frame holding aqua fishnets tattooed with fine knotwork of red threads. Moristugu's interest in the connections between family genealogies led to her to create this site-specific work. The elaborate system of coded knots symbolizes the artist's maternal and paternal family trees.

Notes Moritsugu: "Teaching myself about nets and knotting is my way of trying to hang on to some of the skills my grandparents and great grandparents once knew. For me, working with fishing nets is not merely a reenactment of the past, but is also a response to my present environment and uses contemporary materials and processes."