Fresh Flowers

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    The exhibition name comes from a neon sign salvaged from a nearby Safeway that closed in 2012.

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    "Fresh Flowers" uses still functioning incandescent bulbs to spark bright ideas.

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October 26, 2012 - December 01, 2012
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

In this exhibition presented by Tadpole Studio, seven artists have collaborated on six projects using what you may think of as junk—from old metal bedframes to chair legs no longer attached to a chair. They have created beautiful, engaging installations that have multiple layers of meaning that will spark dialogues on ways to maximize our resources (natural and artificial) and get you to look at things from different perspectives. The process of creating the exhibition is also an exploration of ideas on experimenting and collaborating with local artists and craftsmen.

One installation invites visitors to take incandescent lightbulbs that the artists salvaged from a building that replaced all its bulbs with CFL lighting. It may inspire you to think about the environmental pros and cons of making the switch before an incandescent bulb has lived out its life. Which is less harmful, using more energy or using more chemicals?

Water bottles, old vinyl banners, and wood scraps have all been given new life as art pieces, arranged in diorama-like ways. The exhibition's name comes from a neon sign that once blazed in the nearby Safeway that was closed and transformed into a Petco. Think of it as an exhibition of designs for cleaner living.

The artists: 

Hyun Cho
Michelle Kaneko
Mark Ariyoshi
Bundit Kanisthakhon
Kirk Malanchuk
Bill Reardon
Thorben Wuttke

Opening reception: Oct 25, 5:30pm