Honolulu Museum of Art at First Hawaiian Center

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    Doug Britt. "Unspoiled," 2012. Oil on canvas.

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    Joey Chiarello. "The Trade-Off," 2012. Porcelain, underglazes, glazes, polymere, boar hair.

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    Corinne Kamiya. "Loop-de-Loope Maching" (detail), 2012. Paper, bronze, wood.

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January 31, 2013 - June 17, 2013
First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Doug Britt: Far Away
“For the past 40 years I have been painting in the middle of the sea, an experience that provides me with ongoing inspiration,” says artist Doug Britt. In Far Away, paintings and found-object sculptures portray a bird’s-eye view of his island home. Recurrent in Britt’s work are transport vessels, such as canoes, boats, barges and planes, which have shaped Hawai‘i’s history and serve as a web of continual international connection. Britt lives and works on the island of Kaua’i.

Compassion: Creatures and Characters by Joey Chiarello
Inspired by first-hand experience, observed situations, and far-reaching references, the fantastical creatures and characters of Joey Chiarello are considered a narrative or story by the artist. Each ceramic sculpture is finished with elaborate tattoo-like surfaces and often incorporate details such as real cat whiskers or deer antlers. Chiarello lives and works on the island of O‘ahu.

Corinne Kamiya: Paper. Plane.
“I like the idea of taking a boring material and creating something wonderful,” explains artist Corinne Kamiya. In this exhibition she expands on the single and simple idea of the paper plane, taking the form in unexpected directions. Made of paper, bronze, string, and wood, Kamiya’s kinetic sculptures and delicate mobiles turn, spin, dive, and delight. Kamiya lives and works on the island of O‘ahu.

Exhibitions and programs at First Hawaiian Center are sponsored by First Hawaiian Bank.