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September 18, 2014 - October 02, 2014
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

Eleven artists present new works around the theme of “dirt” resulting in a multitude of visual interpretations and conversations in two and three dimensional media.  This exhibition serves as a catalyst for discussions on such wide ranging topics as social justice, soil conservation, and literature.

Educational resource guides, links to post-visit activities, and independent study sites are available for download at:  www.honudream.net/dirt. Developed specially for educators these resources will be made available approximately 6 weeks prior to show opening.

A preview of the video Dirt, produced by the Video Technology Group under OCISS of The Hawaii State Department of Education, is on view in the gallery. The finished production will be made available for classroom use at a later date.

The artists: Adella Buss, Daven Hee, May Izumi, Lynn Weller Liverton, Rochelle Lum, David Smith, Liz Train, Gordon Uyehara, Lori Uyehara, Maile Yawata

Group artists' statement:

Dirt is the earth we stand on and the stardust from which we are born. Both alive and dead, it is the clay beneath our feet, the land we fight for, and an elemental force. Broken rock, weathered stone, and organic matter turned into the soil it sustains us. (should be "that sustains us?")

It is that humble substance that shapes our culture; shelters and cares for us. It is that restful bed that welcomes us home; caressing our bones between deeply layered sheets.

Dirt is a word we use to describe ourselves to ourselves; our experience of life. It is the filth and grime of existence, a feeling of disgust, and the grunge of society. It is the derisive talk we spit at each other in anger and the teasingly playful slang said in jest.

Dirt is a palette of many colors. We grind and sift it, combine it with oils, gums and polymers; affixing it to paper and canvas. We expose it to heat; engineering it into ceramic glass, or metal. Malleable to our creative will we make it the conduit of our thoughts. It preserves our vision and holds our passion.

Dirt is the source of our inspiration.