Exquisite Corpse

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    Exquisite Corpse drawings. Left, top to bottom: Jan Dickey, Ryan Higa + Kloe Kang. Center, top to bottom: Cade Roster, Hannah Dry + Kirsten Rae Simonsen. Right, top to bottom: Ryan Higa, Solomon Enos + Kandi Everett

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January 15, 2015 - February 15, 2015
Honolulu Museum of Art

Exhibition Overview

What happens when you get 19 top Hawai‘i artists to play three rounds of the grade-school favorite drawing game Exquisite Corpses? Find out in our Holt Gallery of the Arts of Hawai‘i.

And you could have your own Exquisite Corpse on the gallery wall by participating in Exquisite Corpse activities at:

• Jan 18: Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday: Wooden It Be Nice

• Jan 30: ARTafterDARK: Modern Love

Participating artists:
Roy Chang, Hannah Day, Jan Dickey, Solomon Enos, Brady Evans, Kandi Everett, Sally French, Jon Hamblin, Ryan Higa, Yumiko Glover, Kloe Kang, Wendy Kawabata, Sanit Khewhok, Hadley Nunes, Jessica Orfe, Cade Roster, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Laura Smith, and Thomas Walker.

The Exquisite Corpse game originated with the Surrealists in Paris in 1925 and is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence by being allowed to see only a small portion of what the previous person contributed.

The 20 invited artists met at the museum on Jan. 10, at 10am to create 20 exquisite corpses using drawing media such as graphite, colored pencil, markers, pen and ink. Each artist started off a round by drawing a head on a sheet of paper and folding the top third over. Next, another artist drew a torso and folded that section over, and then a third artist drew the legs/feet.

The finished works are being displayed in The John Dominis and Patches Damon Holt Gallery until February 15. One wall of the gallery has been dedicated to visitor participation during the January Art After Dark and Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday events.