At First Hawaiian Center | Dropping In, Drawing a Bead + Dreaming of Nature

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    Left: Tom Lieber. 'Blue Spade,' 2015. Oil on canvas. | Right: George Woollard. 'Giddyup,' 2014. Cashew lacquer on lychee wood.

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    Left: Hannah Day. 'Untitled,' 2015. Etching on paper.  | Right: Nelson Flack. '2014 03 30 No.3,' 2014. Digital inkjet print.

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    Left: Carl Jennings. 'In the Grove,' 2012. Oil on paper. | Right: Chenta Laury. 'Mushroom Coral,' 2013. Wool.

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October 22, 2015 - February 05, 2016
First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Dropping In: Recent Work by Tom Lieber
Dividing his time between Kaua‘i and Los Angeles, Tom Lieber continues to draw on a strong V shape as the central image in his work. The idea of dropping, as into deeper meditation, into a wave, into a creative vision, is a strong force in Lieber’s paintings, which use gestural strokes and many layers. 

Drawing a Bead: Recent Sculpture by George Woollard
“Drawing a bead” means to take aim, and Woollard’s target is sculpture. “Sculptures are composed, they are put together one step at a time like any other art form. It is composition that interests me. I look at the materials and try to discern what they can offer with the least amount of alteration. I want the work to be 50 percent material based and 50 percent artist based. Together, we compose the work,” says the O‘ahu artist.

Read a Q+A with artist George Woollard.

Dreaming of Nature: Works by Hannah Day, Nelson Flack, Chenta Laury and Carl Jennings
These four Hawai‘i artists explore a personal connection with nature in etchings, fiber art, paintings, and photography. 

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