I Am: Photography by McKinley and Roosevelt High School Students

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_i-am_amber-gualano

    Amber Gualano, Roosevelt High School. "My Mother's Beauty," 2015.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_i-am_lily-tham

    Lily Tham, McKinley High School. "One with Nature," 2015.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_i-am_iain-adrejilo

    Iain Adrejilo, Roosevelt High School. "Balanced," 2015.

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December 11, 2015 - December 20, 2015
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

Juried by David Ulrich.

On view in this juried exhibition is work by the students of educators Lillian McLeod of McKinley High School and Monique Smith of Roosevelt High School.

The work is a reflection of how high school photography students see themselves. Each piece is an extension of the title.