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    Jade Kake. '1:1 Installation concept.' Digital image. 2015.

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    Works by Sonny Ganaden. Left: 'Station IX.' Intaglio print. 2015. | Right: 'Station IV.' Lithograph print. 2015.

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December 18, 2015 - January 03, 2016
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

1:1 discusses historic and contemporary Pacific spirituality as creative place-making through architecture, printmaking, design, and storytelling. A collaboration between Māori, Hawaiian, and non-indigenous cultural producers from New Zealand, Hawai‘i, and the United States, this project provides an opportunity to reflect on our shared experiences of colonization and the impact of missionary activity across the Pacific, and provides a space to reflect on the role of spirituality as we move into an increasingly secular society.

In printmaking a “1:1” is a monoprint, a singular work of art. In architecture, “1:1” refers to a full-scale drawing or model. The equation also connotes a conversation between equals: two artists co-creating, hemispheres of the brain, or a person and her deity. It is impossible to overstate the historic importance of both native and introduced religion for the indigenous peoples of the Pacific. Our communities across the Pacific were the site of zealous Christian missionaries in the early 19th century, and later, indigenous alterations of Western religion.

These parallel histories have shaped the Pacific, its economy, and indigenous peoples’ conceptions of self and community. They continue to do so. Across the Pacific, the indigenous worldview is often seen as dichotomous with western religion and ideology, however historically, politicians, religious leaders, and those who create forms of art have often intentionally melded ideology. In exploring this history as art through the collaboration to create spaces of peace, the artists aim to facilitate dialogue on these universal themes.

Opening reception: December 18 at 6pm. Enjoy wine and pūpū, then hear an artist talk at 6:30pm.

Exhibiting artists include:

Jeffrey Tangonan Acido, Spencer Agoston, aniwaniwa, Ambrosia Crum, Sonny Ganaden, Jade Kake, Gina Bacon Kerr, Joshua Iwi Lake, Jason Lowe, Mary Philpotts McGrath, Barbara Okamoto, Onesian (Allen Vili), Cerisse Palalagi, David Smith, Kaliko Spenser, Mia Takara, Doug Po’oloa Tolentino, Lauren Trangmar, Vincent Tully and Hana Yoshihata