• Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_contact3017_kosta

    Kosta Kulundzic, 'Pipeline 3017,' center panel of triptych, oil on canvas.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_contact3017_ching

    Matt Ching, 'Paradise', Still from 3D animation.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_contact3017_chimera

    Melissa Chimera, 'Inheritance,' Haleakala, oil on canvas.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_contact3017_beckett

    Jan Becket, 'The Land is the Sea’s: Ala, Kalaeloa,' Black and white photograph.

  • Exhib_slideshow_exhibition_contact3017_goya

    Jennifer Goya, 'Ordnance Ordinance.' Still from single-channel video.

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April 01, 2017 - April 16, 2017
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

Pu‘uhonua Society presents the fourth annual CONTACT exhibition titled 3017: Hawai‘i in a Thousand Years.

CONTACT 3017 asks artists to take on the role of futurologists, dwelling in predictions and prophecies. Artist were asked to forecast the unknown, to imagine and hypothesize possible and probable (or impossible and improbable) futures in Hawai‘i and investigate the worldviews, ideologies, and myths that support them. Climate change and rising/falling sea levels, nationalism and decentralization of power, globalization and resource distribution, are just some of the many issues we face locally and globally.

This year's juror is the art collective Paradise Cove

This exhibition is supported by Pu‘uhonua Society, Nā Mea Hawai‘i, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The gallery is open daily from 10am to 7pm.

Public programming

All public programming is free.

April Fools' opening party
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 1, • 5-9pm

View artwork that investigates possible and improbable futures in the islands. Celebrate the here and now with music by Davey Shindig, food trucks, Shaka Tea, and ‘awa. Bring your own drinking cup and use your hands to eat with mindfulness for the future. No fooling! 

Surfjack Talk Story Sessions presents
Still Here: Personal Truth Quests for Urban Surviva
Surfjack Hotel
April 4 • 6-8pm

What can we do in the face of violent conflict, political corruption, and global ecological destruction? As responsible stewards, how must we respond to converging crises to ensure collective survival and continuity? Join us for a survivalist conversation with Future Primal author Dr. Louis G. Herman, voyager and educator Bonnie Kahapeʻa-Tanner, and artist Solomon Enos, moderated by Rechung Fujihara from the BoxJelly. 

Hawaiian Kingdom Futures with Keanu Sai
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 6 • 6:30-8pm

A founding member of the Hawaiian Society of Law & Politics, Dr. Sai takes a look at the Hawaiian concept of “future,” or “ka wā ma hope,” which literally means “time of the past.” Hawaiians know the future by knowing to the past. Join Dr. Sai for a discussion on how, from a Hawaiian perspective, the practical value of history lends insight on probable futures. 

A Universe of Islands with the UH Art Club
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 8 • 10am-1pm

A Universe of Islands explores the idea of nationalities and borders when their existence is more nebulous than ever. Interact with other travelers as you craft your own passport in this printmaking workshop. Collect stamps of imagined explorers and settlers from the far future, and be a part of rethinking our place as we leave the world behind and return to the stars. 

Ala Wai centennial workshop with Sean Connelly
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 9 • 4pm

Immerse yourself in the built environment of the ‘ahupua‘a with artist, architect, and urban planner Sean Connelly. This multi-media workshop places participants in leadership roles in creating the possible futures in the community. 

Mauna Loa to Mars: Architecture Futures for Extreme Environments
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 11 • 6:30pm

Human space travel and colonizing distant planets no longer exist only in the futuristic narratives of science fiction. From August 2015-2016, Tristan Bassingthwaighte (D.Arch candidate UH-Mānoa) joined the fourth Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Simulation (HI SEAS) mission, a yearlong Mars-simulation program on the slopes of Mauna Loa on Hawaiʻi Island.

Bassingthwaighte works on architecture and design for extreme environments and outer space, with a focus on the physical, social, and psychological needs of future scientists and astronauts. He will speak with visitors about his experience in the simulation and present parts of his doctoral research.

Behind the exhibition with PARADISE COVE
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 13 • 6:30pm
Join the curators for a guided tour of the exhibition.

Film screening: Fantastic Planet
Doris Duke Theatre
April 15 • 7pm
Learn about the film here.

Agroforestry and Food
Honolulu Museum of Art School
April 16 • 2pm

What is agroforestry? Where did it come from and why is it important for Hawaiʻi’s future? It all starts with food—and we are not talking about mono-cropping. Several art installations, including two at Aupuni Place at Ward Warehouse, speak to the ethereal nature of a “future past" dream, to have diversity in our food sources. Join Scott McCoy of the not-for-profit organization [UN]cultivated Earth and artist Taiji Terasaki for a conversation on agroforestry and Terasaki’s CONTACT 3017 commission.

State of the Arts Conversation
Doris Duke Theatre
April 23 • 4pm

Panelists include Jasper Wong, POW! WOW! Hawaii; Katherine Leilani Tuider, Honolulu Biennial Foundation; and Josh Tengan, CONTACT; moderated by Healoha Johnston, HoMA's curator of Arts of Hawai‘i.
Free but registration is required as space is limited. RSVP at