2017 Hawai‘i Quilt Guild Annual Show • Aloha is...

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    Excerpt from quilt by Melede Gerwig.

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May 04, 2017 - May 14, 2017
Honolulu Museum of Art School

Exhibition Overview

Featured artist Melede Gerwig, along with members of the Hawai‘i Quilt Guild, display one hundred quilts of varying shapes, sizes and styles. This year’s “Challenge Quilt” features quilts made only out of red and white solid fabrics, in honor and celebration of the first colorfast dye, Turkish Red from Turkey. 

Exhibition hours

Note: The Art School is closed for maintenance May 8-12, but this exhibition remains open and accessible through the back entrance of the Art School during daylight hours.

Opening reception
Thursday May 4 • 5:30–8pm

Pictured above are excerpts from quilts by featured artist Melede Gerwig.