Exhibitions at HoMA First Hawaiian Center

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    Diana Nicholette Jeon. 'I, Orfeo II,' 2017. Archival pigment print.

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    Paul Levitt. 'American Redstart,' 2016. Watercolor and collage on paper.

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    Alan P. Ness. 'Aqua Blue Cylinder,' 2016; 'Pompeii Vessel #2,' 2018; 'Pahoehoe Duo,' 2016. Blown glass.

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July 12, 2018 - September 28, 2018
First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Altered Visions: Diana Nicholette Jeon
Diana Nicholette Jeon’s digital photographic series featuring colorful, out-of-focus images is an attempt to visualize what the Hawai‘i shoreline might have looked like to her late mother, who was legally blind. Another black and white series explores memories of emotionally-charged events and places. These rough, dreamlike images subtlety capture the imperfection and ambiguous nature of our visual memories.

Abstracting Audubon: Paul Levitt
Paul Levitt manipulates recognizable imagery borrowed from Audubon field guides and comic books to create expressionistic, energetic works. Building upon a Modernist interest in Abstraction, these dynamic paintings and collages investigate the interplay between narrative and formal elements of representation and abstraction.

Volcanic Oceans in Glass: Alan P. Ness
Alan P. Ness’s recent large-scale blown glass works are inspired by nature’s energy, rhythms and colors, especially the ocean and volcanic processes. Long, graceful appendages reminiscent of the sprouting tendrils of underwater plants appear to grow from the tops of his pieces, offering a surprising twist on the traditional glass vase form.

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