Embroidered and Embellished: The Margaret Brewer Fowler Collection

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    Gift cover Armenia, 18th century Linen, silk, plain weave, embroidery Gift of Miss Henrietta Brewer, 1933 (3660)

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    Large towel or bed cover Turkey, 19th century Linen, silk, gilt thread, plain and supplementary weave, embroidery Gift of Miss Henrietta Brewer, 1933 (3673)

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November 11, 2010 - February 06, 2011
The Textile Gallery (22)

Exhibition Overview

Mrs. Eldridge M. Fowler (remembered in the islands as Miss Margaret Brewer) taught here from 1885 to 1895, first at the Kawaiahao Seminary and later at Punahou School.  She went on to receive her Master of Arts degree from New York University in 1899. In 1903, she married Eldridge M. Fowler, an industrialist with interests in mines, railroads and lumber from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. After his death, Margaret concentrated on raising her late husband’s daughter and continued the philanthropic interests they had begun as a couple.  She was remembered as the founder of the Boys Republic (a juvenile youth facility), and was one of the highly visible women on the original Board of Trustees at Scripps College. Her dedication and generosity touched many other community groups in her overwhelming desire to be of service to others.

After her passing in 1931, her sister, Miss Henrietta Brewer, made a selection from Mrs. Fowler’s extensive collection to be given to Mrs. Cooke for the Honolulu Academy of Arts, knowing that it would fill a gap in the textile collection here.

Spanning the globe from Morocco to India, these sumptuous furnishings, costumes, fragments and remnants textiles are a textile legacy. The most impressive portion focuses on Turkish and Greek embroideries, intricately adorned with luxurious silk floss conveying an assortment of stitches and styles of lavish embellishment. - Sara Oka, Collection Manager of Textiles