A Year of Charles Bartlett: Bartlet in Java and Ceylon

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    Charles William Bartlett. Market Day, Garoet. Java., c. 1923. Etching, engraving; hand-colored with watercolor. Bequest or Rosalind Bartlett Schmidt, 1962 (14,810).

January 28, 2010 - June 06, 2010
John Dominis and Patches Damon Holt Gallery

Exhibition Overview

Concluding the Academy’s year-long celebration of the life and work of Charles Bartlett, this special installation focuses on the artist’s travels in Java and Ceylon.

Bartlett toured Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1913 as part of his first sea voyage to Asia; his last trip abroad, in 1921, included a stop in Java. In both regions, Bartlett filled sketchbooks and conceptualized paintings, drawings, and etchings of daily life: the people, their colorful dress and rituals, their commerce and catamarans, and the landscape and ancient monuments that surrounded them. Indeed, always a spectator and rarely a participant, Bartlett maximized his expertise as a colorist and draftsman to record with great sympathy his observations and perceptions, and to capture the essence of the exotic locales he visited. —Theresa Papanikolas, Curator of European and American Art

A Printmaker in Paradise: The Art and Life of Charles W. Bartlett catalog is available at the Honolulu Museum of Art Shop and online.