Dragon Thunder

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Dragon Thunder


February 29, 2008 06:00pm-09:00pm


Honolulu Academy of Arts

Event Information:

Featured exhibition: The Dragon’s Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan


6:30 PM Experience Cham (ritual dance performance) by Bhutanese monks
7:00 PM Zip tour: “The Dragon’s Gift: Stories from the Field”
7:30 PM Zip tour: “Conservation of the Sacred Objects” in the Museum Learning Center

• Dance to world beat DJ Rhythms by Mystical Sound Productions
• Kick back in the Banyan Lounge and sip this month's signature cocktail by E&O Trading Co. (hint—it's made with green tea)
• Create a prayer flag to take home 
• Explore art—all the galleries will be open
• Eat traditional Bhutanese dishes, concocted by E&O Trading Co. chef Nicholas Salvi with the help of visiting Bhutanese monks.


The menu:
Jasha maroo: minced chicken with garlic and cilantro served on a thin cracker
Kewa phasha: Spicy pork with potatoes
Kewa datshi: Potatoes and cheese
Ema datshi: Curry made with chilies, cheese, onion and tomato
Momo: Dessert dumplings with banana, coconut and chocolate and rice pudding with a twist