PrintBig: From the Ground Up


PrintBig: From the Ground Up


August 04, 2012 08:00am-03:00pm


Honolulu Museum of Art School

Event Information:

Don't miss prints being made with the help of a steamroller at this day-long event.

Artists, in teams and individually, have made large-scale woodcuts that will be inked and steamrollered to create giant prints.

The artists were asked to create prints that reflect "Growing local: food, kalo, aloha, healthy diets, farms and farmers, land, and the human condition in the islands."

The artists arrive about 8am to set up and ink plates. The steamroller arrives at 11am and will print until 3 pm.

PrintBig teams:

Team Ganaden: Sonny Ganaden, Gina Kerr, Barbara Okamoto
Team Nakoa: Kimberly Chai, Liz Nakoa, Laura Smith
Team Manga Bento: Devin Oishi and students

PrintBig solo artists:

Justin Anon, Maryke Bol, Alan Brown, AJ Feducia, Sergio Garzon, Nicole Hori, Gina Kerr, Deb Nehmad


Camille's on Wheels, the popular food truck serving delicious globally influenced tacos and salads, will be on site.