PechaKucha #21: Reveal

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PechaKucha #21: Reveal


August 15, 2014 07:00pm-09:00pm


Honolulu Museum of Art School

Event Information:

The theme is REVEAL. (Think: secrets, hidden, exposed, discover, unearth, uncover etc).
We'll see you in the Honolulu Museum of Art School sketch garden—at the rear of the school.

Parking: Street parking is free. There is $5 parking in the lot behind the school.
Drink Sponsor:
Kona Brewing Company
Featured food truck:
Hawaiian Fresh Farms
Featured DJ:
Scott Ohtoro from Super Groupers
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Speakers (in presenting order)
Lola Love & Miss Catwings
: Show Me How You Burlesque - What The Movie Didn't Capture
Sean Michael Gallagher
: Intuition: Trust Revealing Truth
Shadia Habbal
: Unveiling the Beauty of the Sun
James Anshutz
: Lemuria Project
Dalani Tanahy
: The Arts of Kapa


Grace Zheng: What Are You Walking On?
Robert Reed
: Hidden Glittered Skeletons in the Closet of My Soul
Nicole Naone: Tight Lipped

Solomon Enos
: Polyfantastica