Celebrate Micronesia

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Celebrate Micronesia


March 28, 2015 10:00am-04:30pm


Honolulu Museum of Art School

Event Information:

The exhibition Carrying Culture: Navigating Anew closes on March 28 with this day-long festival of art-making demonstrations, food, dance, spoken word, a fashion show, coconut-husking contests, and films.

Performance schedule:
10-10:15am: Kumu Joe Recca & Margarita, Opening Hawaiian chant and Micronesian response
10:20-10:40am: Fia Chuuk, cultural dance
10:45-11am: Fashion show
11:05-11:25am: Lale Dron, contemporary dance
11:50am-12:20pm: Pacific Voices Oceania, contemporary dance
12:25-12:40pm: Fashion show
12:45-12:55pm: Mem Doloik, Palauan dance
1:20-1:40pm: Pohnpei Women's Association of Hawai‘i, Pohnpeian dance
1:45-2pm: Fashion show
2:05-2:30pm: Arrows of Destiny Chuukese Church Youth, cultural dance
2:35-2:50pm: Fashion show
2:55-3:10pm: Chuukese Boys & Girls Group, cultural dance
3:15-3:30pm: Fashion show
3:35-4:10pm: Kosrae, dance
3:55-4:10pm: Fashion show
4:15-4:35pm: Ngelekel Belau Student Organization, traditional Palauan dance
4:40-4:55pm: Jermy Uolwolo, traditional Yap tattoos
5pm: UH Hilo students, closing prayer and song

Film schedule:
10:30am-noon: The Sound of Crickets. See the trailer.
12:30-2pm: Breadfruit and Open Spaces, followed by discussion with director Dr. Lola Quan Bautista and Kathy Martin. See the trailer.
2-3:30pm: The Land of Eb. See the trailer.

Ring Boktok + Assembly of God: Marshallese headbands, flowers, handicrafts, coconut, fruit and snacks
Marshallese New Life women's group: Food
Lale Dron: Baskets and ball demonstration
Chuukese Church: Demonstration, display and sale of Chuukese skirts and dresses
Kiana: Chuukese skirts and dresses
Samuel: Crafts display
Kosrae Group: Fafa-making demonstration (Kosrae's version of poi)
Marshall Islands Consulate: Crafts display
Pohnpei Women Association of Hawaii: Display and sale of Pohnpeian crafts
Ellen Milne: Sale of crafts and Marshallese woven jewelries
Susan Jieta: Weaving demonstration
Kalora Lekka: Display of Marshallese quilts with fashion designer
Hawaii Health Connector: Health care booth
COFACAN: Display
Legal Aid Society of Hawaii: Display
Brian Shea: Chuukese artist, live painting
Anita Kabua: Modern Marshallese clothing and embroidery display
Marshallese Education Day: Craft sales