Narrating 'Earthbound'

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    Aaron Noble (American, Born 1961). 'Earthbound,' 2015. Spraypaint, a…


Narrating 'Earthbound'


October 17, 2015 11:00am-03:00pm


Spalding House

Event Information:

Part of public programming for TXT/MSG

Artist, educator and new media critic David Goldberg leads a workshop in the development of digital "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories based on artist Aaron Noble’s installation Earthbound. Using the free, elegant hypertext writing tool known as Twine, participants will create a set of branching interactive narratives written from the perspective of the colonial explorer and the beings that inhabit Noble's world.

With curriculum inspired by adventure yarns, anthropology, and the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, the workshop will teach participants how non-linear narratives are developed, contribute to and extend the mysteries that are built into Noble's project, integrate optional gaming elements, and ultimately create works that can be shared across a wide range of online platforms.

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