Appearances by Tokyo street fashion star Minori

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Appearances by Tokyo street fashion star Minori


November 19, 2015 10:00am-12:00pm


Honolulu Museum of Art

Event Information:

November 19, 10am-noon, in the exhibition gallery:
Minori practices the art of shironuri, which means "painted in white," a traditional style of makeup used by geishas and Kabuki actors. She is a key figure in Tokyo’s street fashion scene (she has appeared in Vogue and is regularly covered by the blog and will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion, opening Nov. 19. Visitors can meet Minori, dressed in her full street regalia, in the exhibition gallery.

Growing up in the country, Minori was struck by the beauty in nature, taking inspiration from the patterns on leaves, shapes of flowers, and grooves in the bark that has become her signature style in revolutionizing her application of shironuri. She creates her own fashion and coordinates her makeup which has become more than just a style, but has since evolved into a way of life.

November 20, 6-8pm, Honolulu Museum of Art School:
Watch Minori give a free shironuri demonstration, including how to apply shironuri on a model.