The Reveal

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    DJ Dana Kruse taking a quick break before his next killer set.

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    Foodies beware!  The Grove served up some deliciously contemporary fare.

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    Who says you need music to cut a rug?  This little girl is doing just fine on her own while the performers are prepping for their set.

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    ARTafterDARK guests showing off their new Tori Richard hats which were complimentary for visitors!

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    Jive Nene and the soothing vocals of Simone Cole bringin' some soul to the museum.

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    ARTafterDARKers are getting creative as they draw their own characters inspired from Ryan Higa's paintings on display in Artists of Hawai‘i 2013.

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    Nicole and Ryan Higa attempting to go incognito.  

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    Library Volunteer Kumiko Eda and Library Assistant Keiko Kanko along with Artist of Hawai‘i 2013 Yumiko Glover show off their cho-kawaii (super cute) poses in front of Glover's in-progress painting. 

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    In all the evening's excitement sometimes it's nice to just sit back and let the music take you away.

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    Connie Jolitz and Kelly Thune

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    Jeff Grimmer and Tina Carlsen

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    Mark and Helene blend right in alongside an image of a Robert Arneson lithograph on display in the exhibition "Serious Fun."

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    Ken, Lexi and Mr. Su

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    Nicole Chatterson and Noah Pomeroy

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    Jennifer and Tom Hintnaus, Michelle Stegall

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-018-8942

    Tania and Tammy

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-019-8944

    Paulo de Azevedo and Jenny Chai

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-020-8945

    Lori Mott, Paola Grovel, Tina Starling, Stef Muzie

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    Gui and Morgan Cruz

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    Allan, Sophie, Matt, Candace, Lexie, Cameron, Phoebe, Gui and Morgan

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    Emioa, Eric, Tanea and Forenean

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-024-8953

    Elaine, Kate, Kiko

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    Aphirak Bamrungruan, William Chum and Alec Fuller

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-026-8957

    Rebecca McGee, Kimberly Hendricks and Rachel Hendricks

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-027-8958

    Di and Kelly

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-028-8961

    Mel Tamura, Jacie Oda, and Taryn Solis are getting chummy with their new friend, Leonard Baskin's bronze statue "Isaac." 

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-029-8965

    Valery Baranets, Navid Najafi and Courtney Cox

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-030-8967

    Katie, Addi and Darren

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-031-8969

    Andrew and Mina Tang

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-032-8971

    Jocelyn, Erin and Brooke

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-033-8972

    Andrew and Mila

  • Exhib_slideshow_aad_sep13-034-8975

    Valerie Chan and Jeff Post

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September 27, 2013 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Museum of Art

'The Reveal' information

The work of 11 of the islands' best artists is the focus of The Reveal—celebrating the new exhibition Artists of Hawai‘i 2013.


Get down to the bluesy soul of Jive Nene, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Simone Cole.


See live demonstrations by the Artists of Hawai‘i throughout the night.

Take a zip tour of Artists of Hawaii 2013 at 7 + 7:30pm, and participate in our ?art gallery hunt.

See the work of two other Hawai‘i artists in the new exhibitions Ponoiwi: An Installation by Kapulani Landgraf and Jean Charlot: Hawaiian Drummers.


Relish contemporary fare from The Grove.


Just a reminder—ARTafterDARKers can park in the following locations:

1) FREE: Street parking on Beretania and Kinau Street from 6pm

2) $5: Up to five hours, $2 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction thereof. The lot behind the Honolulu Museum of Art School (1111 Victoria St.), entrances on Beretania and Young streets. NOTE: lot closes promptly at 11pm.

3) $5 at the First United Methodist Church Parking Lot on the corner of Beretania and Victoria streets. NOTE: lot closes promptly at 10pm