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    Art heart for the evening sponsor: Domestic Violence Action Center

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    Mudra and Lucas

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    Brent and Katherine in front of the "Love is..." blackboard.

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    Chill vibes in Palm Courtyard.

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    Free Spirits Mobile Bartenders kept everyone hydrated.

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    Kevin and Erica

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    Yoriko Asaden and Junka Xue

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    Zack, Christian and Nate

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    Nina and Ryan

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    Kinau Courtyard

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    Noa and Justin

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    Chef Chow provided da grinds!

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    Samplings from Street Grindz and EAT Honolulu.

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    Paula Fuga and the Mike Love Duo playing in Central Courtyard.

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    Mike Love and Paula Fuga

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    Art activities in the galleries.

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    Reactions to Mary Cassatt's sweet painting of mother and daughter.

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    DJ Jem in front of the museum's new James Jean mural.

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    Corridors buzzing with bodies.

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    Ekaterina and Mariya getting photobombed.

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    Mother and daughter. Sweet. Farrah and Alexzea Burke.

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    Getting late

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February 27, 2015 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Museum of Art

'Sweet' information

Love and dessert! Sponsored by Domestic Violence Action Center


• Fall in love with the talented Mike Love and Paula Fuga Trio.  

• Enjoy the exuberant mix by DJ Jem.


• Be one of the first people to experience Andy Graydon's sound installation Fig. 1 (these things we know), opening at ARTafterDARK.

• Describe what "Love is" to you on a blackboard wall mural.

• Be a part of a participatory art activity by adding a ribbon of hope and inspiration to a giant heart. 

• Join HeartArt by capturing a heart image and posting it with #HeartArtDVAC.

• In this month's "? Art" activity, visit the impressionism gallery to describe a sweet childhood memory and the 16th-century European gallery to send a sweet message to a loved one.

• Guests with purchases of $25 or more in the gift shop will be entered to win the book Doris Duke's Shangri La: A House in Paradise.


Food provided by Street GrindzEAT Honolulu and Free Spirits Mobile Bartenders.


• Braised beef shortrib with Oʻahu tomato chutney, parsnip puree + Hāmākua cocoa nibs
• Stracciatella “slider”: Handmade pulled mozzarella, marinated fresh Hau’ula tomato, local arugula + prosciutto "crisp”
• Quinoa “hash” with Big Island mushrooms + local sweet Thai basil
• Citrus marinated langoustine with Hawaiian hearts of palm + Kula baby romaine

Sweet trEATs:
• Gorgonzola panna cotta with Hawaiian honey syrup + blueberry compote
• Mānoa Chocolate Co. dipped sugar spice bacon


ARTafterDARKers can park in the following locations:

• Street parking on Beretania and Kinau Street from 6pm. FREE

• Lot behind the Honolulu Museum of Art School (1111 Victoria St.), entrances on Beretania and Young streets. 
$5 for up to five hours, $2 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction thereof. 
NOTE: lot closes promptly at 11pm.