Heroes and Kings

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    Early guests like Chris, Kate Leary, Heather Trundle and Traci Randolph all received crowns.

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    A warm welcome from museum director Stephan Jost and chief advancement officer Hathaway Jakobsen

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    Greetings from DJ Gotaro

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    Free Spirits Mobile Bartenders getting guests hydrated.

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    Entrance costs the same as membership, so why not sign up and come for free?

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    The Hero Challenge in Palm Courtyard. One-legged balancing and hula-hoop endurance.

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    More hula-hoops and a rare burpee contest.

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    Guests and a youth performer from the Pow! Wow! School of Music

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    DJ Betty spinning in Luce Pavilion

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    Another big crowd in Luce Pavilion

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    Guests like Buford and Erica took home some Arabic calligraphy.

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    Kaveh, Maryam and other guests found the 'Shahnameh' exhibition.

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    Percilla, Bridgette, Mellisa and Dana

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    Hubbub in the gift shop

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    Another Pow! Wow! School of Music performer playing to the crowd in Kinau Courtyard.

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    Director of Development Jessica Welch with family and friends

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    Dancing the night away

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    Thematic fare provided by StreetGrindz

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    Beards: Adrian and Alistair

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    Guests making their own mihrab tiles.

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    Inside the 'Doris Duke's Shangri La' exhibition.

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    Ikaika chilling in the VIC lounge.

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April 24, 2015 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Museum of Art

'Heroes and Kings' information

It's Persian and it's epic!


• Dance the night away to DJ Betty.

• Chill out as DJ Gotaro welcomes you to ARTafterDARK

• Listen to the young, up-and-coming artists from Pow! Wow! School of Music

• The first 700 people will receive gold crowns so they can be the kings and queens they truly are.

• Take the Hero Challenge:
     • Burpee competition: Most burpees in five minutes
        Prize: HI fresh box and Ocean Vodka
     • Balance competition: Hold a pose for up to two minutes
        Prize: $25 membership and $75 gift card
     • Hula hoop competition: Hula hoop for five minutes
        Prize: Cut and color at Color Queen Salon
Each contestant leaves their name, email, and social media handle. We will contact them the Monday after AAD to pick up their prize. 


• See Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings. Docents will be in the gallery for this month's "?Art" activity—they'll give you a sticker of a Shahnameh character, which you have to find then figure out what role he or she played in Shahnameh.

• Visit the exhibition Doris Duke’s Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art and draw on paper tiles to create a beautiful mihrab.

• Commemorate the night with a piece of Arabic calligraphy that you can take home.


• Food provided by Street Grindz, Ho'oku'i by Abraham Jazmin and Free Spirits Mobile Bartenders.

Hot options:
• Mixed grill: Halal grilled chicken or lamb/beef with curried rice and cilantro cream sauce
• Flatbread wrap: grilled chicken, goat cheese, spinach, lemon cream sauce and cilantro chutney
• Off the cob: (street style) corn, curry butter, cilantro aioli, chili pepper
• Potato masala press: Potato masala, caramelized onion stuffed grilled flatbread with lemon cream sauce

Cold options:
• Veggie bowl: Roasted broccoli and cauliflower topped with cilantro cream sauce
• Tropical fruit verrines: Fresh island fruit, lemon cream, wafers and spiced cashews 

Special cocktail:
The Organic Hero: Fresh lychee purée and freshly pressed Big Island ginger with a splash of organic lemonade.


Become a museum member and skip the ticket line at ARTafterDARK. Join now. To learn more about membership levels and benefits, visit our membership page.


ARTafterDARKers can park in the following locations:

• Street parking on Beretania and Kinau Street from 6pm. FREE

• Lot behind the Honolulu Museum of Art School (1111 Victoria St.), entrances on Beretania and Young streets. 
$5 for up to five hours, $2 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction thereof. 
NOTE: lot closes promptly at 11pm.