Family Film Sunday: Best of New York International Children's Film Festival: Party Mix

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    A scene from "The Dancer," based on a true story.


Family Film Sunday: Best of New York International Children's Film Festival: Party Mix


Sunday Oct 21 11:10 AM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Animation/Mixed Media/Live Action, 68 minutes. In English or with subtitles
Recommended for ages 8 to 18

Tickets: $3 adults, $1 children (13 + under)
Tickets are available at the box office one half hour before each screening.

This collection of hilarious, heartfelt and beautiful short films includes festival award-winners and audience favorites from France, Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, India, the UK and the United States.

Here's the lineup:

UK. Live action, Peter Cattaneo, 2010, 12 min
Actor, playwright, journalist and funnyman Stephen Fry writes and stars in this semi-autobiographical droll British boarding school comedy. Fry is a boy with an outsize vocabulary and taste for sweets, who befriends a small, shy, blond newbie.

The Dancer
USA. Documentary, Seth Stark, 2011, 11 min
This uplifting true story about orphan Satish shows shades of Slumdog Millionaire. Beautiful village and pastoral scenery and quick-cut montages revel in the bustling colors, sounds, tastes, and textures of India, while Satish’s indomitable spirit and joy prevail against all odds.

Canada. Animation, Jean-François Proulx, 2010, 1.5 min
When a bump in the road causes an unexpected chain of events, a truck driver’s life flashes before his eyes.

France. Animation, Leo Verrier, 2010, 9 min
A fantastic imagining of how Jackson Pollack came upon his “drip” and action-painting style: through devouring (literally) all the styles of the modern past. 

Extinction of the Sabertooth House Cat
USA. Animation, Damon Wong, 2010, 3.5 min
Though scientists have conjectured, none could truly say what caused the demise of the Sabertooth House Cat. But now this hard-hitting documentary reveals startling new evidence to detail the dramatic last moments of one of Earth’s littlest known creatures. 

The Girl and the Fox
USA. Animation, Tyler J. Kupferer, 2011, 5.5 min
An enemy becomes a friend as a young girl has a life-and-death encounter with a snow fox at dusk in the frozen forest. 

Hello, I Like You
USA. Experimental, Mixtape Clup, 2011, 2 min
Created by Brooklyn’s Mixtape Club, this quick-cut musical montage plays with texture, shape, pattern, and movement—with rope, leaves, nuts and bolts, and eye hooks twisting, dancing and popping to a soothing electronica beat. 

Argentina. Animation, Juan Pablo Zaramella, 2010, 6.5 min
From the director of past NYICFF favorite Journey to Mars comes a brilliantly executed stop-motion short that took home the audience award at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival. In a world controlled and timed by light, one man has a plan that could change destiny. 

The Maker
Australia. Animation, Christopher Kezelos, 2010, 5 min 
In a dark room, a glass-eyed puppet is constructing a look-alike companion, while the sands drain away in hour glass and violin music plays in a minor key. He completes the puppet and they share a few brief moments before the sand runs out. 

Maximum Boost
Switzerland. Live action, Rolf Hellat, 2010, 5 min
With inventive use of sound, including crackly original audio from the Apollo 13 space mission, Remo and his grandmother blast off from a rainy playground in Switzerland on a journey to the moon. 

The Storyteller
India/UK. Animation, Nandita Jain, 2011, 10 min
Nirmala lives in a seaside village with her grandpa, who recites her favorite story about a fisher boy. Yet lately he’s been forgetting some of the details.  

Special thanks to the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust for sponsoring this program.
Additional thanks to David
Jesteadt, GKIDS.


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