The Age of Stupid

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The Age of Stupid


Friday Nov 09 01:00 PM
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About the Film:

Rio +20: The Road from Rio toward Sustainable Development

The Age of Stupid
Directed by
Franny Armstrong. UK, 2009, 89 mins

This climate-change blockbuster from McLibel director Franny Armstrong stars Pete Postlethwaite (in one of his last screen appearances) as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking back at “archive” footage from 2007 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance? The Age of Stupid led to the formation of the 10:10 carbon reduction campaign, which now operates in 45 countries (
Special thanks to Franny Armstrong and Spanner Films for providing this film.

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Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery – Iowa
Directors: Kelly Matheson and Deia Scholsberg. USA, 2011, 7 mins

Glori Dei Filippone, a young actress, singer, and athlete, remembers driving past factories in her Iowa hometown and thinking the smoke was coming from a cloud machine. When her parents explained that the smoke was actually bad for the Earth, Glori started to wonder why. Since then, she has made it her mission to learn about our environment. She is now relying on her strength and perseverance as she advocates to stop human-induced climate change. Special thanks to WITNESS for providing this film

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery: Alaska
Kelly Matheson & Christi Cooper-Kuhn. USA, 2011, 8 mins
The science is undeniable. We have fundamentally transformed our planet. This ecological transformation, in turn, has created the human rights challenge of our time: climate change. To address this challenge, hope rests with our youth. In Alaska, 17-year-old Nelson Kanuk, along with seven other youth plaintiffs, are asking the state’s judges and justices to recognize that our atmosphere is a resource we all share and depend upon for our very survival.
Special thanks to WITNESS for providing this film.


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