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Sunday May 25 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


About the Film:

Directed by Andy Miller, Robin Moore, Jeremy Jones, Chris Steinkamp, Ed Lewis, Eric Wallis. USA. 2014. 40min. 

This is a story about the West, known for its forward-thinking innovation, being caught in the crosshairs of an American paradox. Old innovation vs. new. Currently, there are proposals to ship coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to ports on the Pacific coast and eventually to Asia to be burned. This will cause countless negative impacts to local communities along the coal export trail, and wreak havoc on our global environment. The Pacific Northwest is at a crossroads—do we go the way of dirty coal, or do we say ‘NO!’? The choice is clear: It’s time to embrace innovation, move away from fossil fuels, and ignite the clean energy economy. Momenta is narrated by world-renowned climber Conrad Anker and features environmentalist Bill McKibben and snowboarder Jeremy Jones.

—screens with—

Damocracy: The Movie
Directed by Todd Southgate.
Turkey. 2012. 34 mins
Damocracy is a powerful new documentary that debunks the myth that large-scale dams are a means of generating clean energy and a solution to climate change. It records the priceless cultural and natural heritage the world would lose in the Amazon and Mesopotamia if two planned large-scale dams are built—the Belo Monte dam in Brazil, and Ilisu dam in Turkey. Damocracy tells the story of the thousands of people who face displacement if these plans go ahead, and calls on all of us to support their struggle.

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