The Kid + A Dog's Life

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The Kid + A Dog's Life


Saturday May 17 01:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


About the Film:

Directed by Charlie Chaplin. 1921. USA. 54mins. Silent with musical accompaniment
One heaves rocks through windows. The other happens by in the nick of time to offer his services as an expert window repairman. It’s a system that works. So does everything else about this beloved Chaplin classic—its blend of laughs and pathos changed the notion of what a screen comedy could be. For the first time as a filmmaker, Chaplin stepped into feature-length storytelling with this tale of the down-but-never-out Tramp (Chaplin) and the adorable ragamuffin (six-year-old Jackie Coogan) who, rescued as a foundling and raised in the School of Hard Knocks by the Tramp, is his inseparable sidekick.—MK2 & Warner Bros.

—screens with—

A Dog’s Life
Directed by Charlie Chaplin. 1918. USA. 33mins. silent w/ musical accompaniment
Thanks to a dog he finds, Charlie ends up in possession of some stolen loot. But the wrongdoers want their ill-gotten gains back.—MK2 & Warner Bros.

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