The Great Dictator

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The Great Dictator


Tuesday May 27 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


About the Film:

Directed by Charlie Chaplin. 1940. USA. 124 mins.
The U.S. was not yet in World War II when Chaplin leveled his comedy arsenal at Der Führer by playing the dual roles of Hitler-like Adenoid Hynkel and a Jewish barber who is a dead-ringer for der Nutsie. Puns, sight gags and slapstick abound as Chaplin skewers fascism, balancing his attack with poignant scenes of a ghetto in the clutches of storm-trooping terror.—Film Forum

Special guest: Dr. Peter H. Hoffenberg, Associate Professor of History at the University of Hawai‘i–Mānoa, will introduce the film.


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