Family Film Sunday: Reels on Wheels

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Family Film Sunday: Reels on Wheels


Sunday Jun 15 11:10 AM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

$ 3 adults | $1 children (13 + under)

46 mins. Ages 6+ 
June 15 at 11:10am
Celebrate cycling with an international selection of inspiring short films from the Bike Shorts Film Festival Hawaii. The Bike Shorts Film Festival Hawaii is a showcase of local, national and international talent both behind and in front of the camera. See 9 short films that give a glimpse into bicycle culture across the globe!


Marry Me (Michelle Lehman. Australia. 7 mins)
A sweet warm-hearted story about a little girl who likes a little boy, and a little boy who likes his BMX bike.

Cycle of Love
(Cat Marshall. USA. 4 mins)
A tricycle falls in love, only to have his rusty heart broken. At first, he despairs, but he lives to love again!

Learning to Ride a Bike
(Canada, 3 mins)
A five year old boy`s first bicycle lesson goes terribly wrong!

The Backwards Rider (Ben Lenzner. Canada. 8 mins)
Explore the life and riding style of Leslie Slowely, the biker known throughout the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto as The Backwards Rider.

Bicycle Portraits: Staying Alive
(Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler. South Africa. 3 mins)
Travel through South Africa to learn about who rides bicycles and why they ride them.

Manquer | Missing (Matt Daniels + Sean Pecknold. USA. 7 mins)
Suzette the road bike is not just a birthday present for Alain, she’s the love of his life. When she goes missing, the hunt is on for the bicycle thief! French with English subtitles

One Less Car (Sam & Tyler. USA. 5 mins)

Winter Shines (Jonathan Lau. USA. 4 mins)

We All Have a Reason to Ride
(David Aquino. USA. 5 mins)

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