The Endless Summer: 50th Anniversary screening! + Winter

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The Endless Summer: 50th Anniversary screening! + Winter


Saturday Jul 12 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

The Endless Summer: 50th Anniversary screening!
Directed by Bruce Brown. USA. 1966. 92 mins.

See the ultimate surfari on the big screen! Long considered a timeless classic, The Endless Summer sees legendary filmmaker/narrator Bruce Brown and surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August cross the globe in search of the perfect wave. From the uncharted waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, to the gigantic waves at Waimea Bay, these California surfers accomplish in a few months what most people never do in a lifetime. When the film first played in theaters, audiences lined up to see it again and again and mainstream film critics hailed it as a masterpiece, with Roger Ebert famously quipping "the beautiful photography […] almost makes you wonder if Hollywood hasn't been trying too hard." The Endless Summer ignited the imaginations of surfers and surf filmmakers everywhere and remains the archetypal tale of surf exploration.

—screens with—

Directed by Gabriel Novis. Brazil. 2014. 9 mins.

Whether in Brazil, Morocco, South Africa or Northern Europe, the idea of a cold winter morning persists.

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