Racing Extinction

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Racing Extinction


Saturday Jun 06 06:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $12.00
General Admission: $15.00


About the Film:

Part of World Oceans Day Hawai‘i 2015

Directed by Louie Psihoyos. USA. 2015. 90 mins.
The Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), the group behind the Academy Award®–winning film The Cove, is back with another groundbreaking documentary. Joined by new innovators, OPS brings a voice to the thousands of species teetering on the very edge of life.

Scientists predict that the human footprint on the planet may cause the loss of half of the world’s species by the end of the century. They believe we have entered the sixth major extinction in Earth’s history, following the fifth great extinction that took out the dinosaurs. Our era is called the Anthropocene, or “Age of Man,” because evidence shows that humanity has sparked a cataclysmic change of the world’s natural environment and animal life. And we’re are the only ones who can stop the change we have created.

This highly charged, impassioned collective of activists is out to expose the two major threats to endangered wild species across the globe. The first comes from the international wildlife trade, and the bogus medicinal cures and tonics that are marketed to the public at the expense of creatures who have survived on this planet for millions of years. The second threat is all around us, hiding in plain sight. It is a hidden world of carbon emissions and acidified oceans that are incompatible with existing animal life. It is a world, revealed with state-of-the-art photographic technology, that oil and gas companies don’t want us to see.

Director Louie Psihoyos has crafted an ambitious mission to clearly and artfully pull into focus our impact on the planet, while inspiring us all to embrace the solutions that will ensure a thriving, biodiverse world for future generations.

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Opening reception: June 6, 6-7:30pm. Tickets: $15, $12 museum members.
Enjoy pūpū from Da Spot and brews by Kona Brewing Co. for purchase, learn about ocean conservation from local organizations and relax to live music from Lucie and the Perfect Wave.

Racing Extinction screens at 7:30pm.

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