Family Film Sunday: CAFF 2018 Program #4

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Family Film Sunday: CAFF 2018 Program #4


Sunday May 20 10:30 AM
Sunday May 20 01:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Part of the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2018

The Sunday program brings together short animated films from Chinese, Hawaiian, Indian, Jamaican, Korean, Māori, and Native American cultures.

Interact with exhibits and vendors from Kottura, Mana Comics, Keiki Coding, Hawaii Women in Filmmaking, and Bess Press.

Admission: Free

Total runtime: 82 min.

A Fox Tail
Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma. 2013. Chinese. 7 min.
In the heart of ancient China, two brothers are hunting a fox. This mad journey will have them face treason, bravery, hatred and love.

Heaven’s Tears
Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentin. 2018. Hawaiian. 12.5 min.
Join Wai, (a water droplet) on this timeless odyssey of the water cycle as you are taken through Hawai'i, past the farming fields of lo'i kalo to the moist clouds of the sky. Witness this spectacle of life in Heaven's Tears.

Directed and animated by Brenda Bulut, Thomas Campos, Théo Coriton, Marion Debrick, Nina Gannier, Antoine Gillet, Alix Putier and Clémentine Sergeant. 2017. Native American. 4 min.
When the sun sets on a small native American village in the middle of a forest, two children, Aiyanna and her brother,Tawa, are playing hide and seek. From the edge of the village, the young girl is lured away by a furtive blue light into the mystical forest. To save his sister, Tawa must venture deep into the heart of the spirit world.

Bear and Tiger
Directed by Judy Choi. 2018. Korean. 3 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
A comical approach of Korean myth of 'Dangun, the founder of Korea' where a bear and a tiger long to become human. They seek Dangun (here in the animation, the God of the forest) only to find out that it is not an easy task eating mugwort and garlic for 100 days out of the sunlight.

Kai and Honua (Trailer)
Directed by Kari Noe. 2018. Hawaiian. 1 min.
A trailer for the upcoming short animated film Kai and Honua.

38th Parallel
Directed by Moe Johnson. 2018. Korean. 6 min.
A National History Day animated documentary about the division of Korea.

Mana Comics
Directed by Christopher Caravalho. 2014. 2 min.
Mana Comics is a self-published independent comic book company that celebrates ethnic diversity, showcases heroes from Hawaii, and was founded in 2014 by creator Christopher Caravalho.

Directed by Penelope O. 2018. Hawaiian. 2 min. World premiere.
Pete is getting bullied. Some friends step in to help him stand up against bullies.

Keiki Coding
Hawaiian. 5 min. World premiere.
Through Keiki Coding, students are introduced to the principles of video game creation, game logic, proficiency and computer skills. Each progressive module is filled with original content and artwork that is created to specifically fit the needs of local students in Hawai’i. Twiddle Productions's special place-based curriculum and talk story sessions with artists, animators, and game designers guide Keiki in learning how to bring their amazing ideas to life and spark their imagination by becoming a coder!

My Day
Directed by Naila W. 2018. Hawaiian. 2 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
This original poem, "My Day" was written by 9-year-old Naila W. for the 2018 Honolulu District Speech Festival.

Chicken in the Corn
Created by Luciano Blotta and Twiddle Productions Inc. 2014. Jamaican. 3 min.
Brushys' friend poncho has decided to take a brief vacation to San Francisco in order to escape the rough Jamaican street life. Chicken in the Corn is the official animated music video by Jamaican artist Brushy One String.

Tinirau and the Whale
Created by Charlie Beakley, Rodney Selby, Matthew Rogers, Ray Ruawhere, and Karl Johnstone. 2006. New Zealand. 6 min.
With an introduction from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, this is a dramatic tale of treachery and revenge involving the chief Tinirau, his pet whale, Tutunui, and Tinirau's sinister guest, Kae. The story reveals the complex relationship that Maori have with whales.

The Tales of the Tribe
Directed by Tara Douglas. 2017. India. 38 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
The Tales of the Tribes is the first collection of animated indigenous folktales to be produced in India in collaborations between traditional and digital artists. There are five short films in the collection which are adaptations of indigenous Indian stories: tales of mythical origins, tales of Humankind’s interdependence with nature and the supernatural; tales of local heroes, landscapes and events.

Ua Ho'okano 'o Pua i ka 'Ukulele
Directed by Rosemary Kulhavy-Sutherland. 2017. Hawaiian. 1 min.
Pua’s mom is going out for a moment and is leaving 7-year-old Pua home alone. But there’s one very important rule- don’t play Grandpa’s Ukulele. Any guesses at what Pua does?

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