CAFF 2019: Animated Lives

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CAFF 2019: Animated Lives


Saturday May 18 04:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

Part of The Cultural Animation Film Festival 2019.

Animated Lives: True stories of life, love and death featuring the Hawai’i premiere of Frida Kahlo, à travers le masque (through the mask) and Kardiyarlu Kangurnu (White Fellas Brought It).

Our second program brings together short animated films from Jewish, Seejiq Truku, Tongan, Senegalese, Samoan, Aboriginal, Baniwa, Dessana, Tukano and Mexican cultures.

Total runtime: 93 min

The Battle of Cable Street - Jewish
Directed by Yoav Segal. 8 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
The Battle of Cable Street
is a very personal project. Winner of The UK Jewish Short Film Fund script competition about Yoav's grandfather who helped organize the Battle of Cable Street against Mosley in London's East End in 1936.

Endless - Seejiq Truku
Directed by Hedy Yudaw. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Story inspired by Seejiq Truku myths and Utux Ptasan. Seejiq Truku is one of indigenous tribes of Taiwan. Utux (Rainbow or Good spirit) was the totem of Seejiq Truku's soul. Ptasan were the elders' words passed to the next generation.

Symphony of birds - Owls on Stilts - Hawaii
Animated by Pawel Nuckowski. Composed by Donald Womack. 3 min.
A lighthearted introduction to the extinct Hawaiian stilt owl.

You, The Choice of My Parents - Tongan
Directed by Meli Tuqota Jr. 4 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
An animated journey of the poem You, The Choice of My Parents by Konai Helu Thaman.

Doudou - Senegalese
Directed by Yarden Cohen. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A stop motion animation presenting the story of pioneer Senegalese drummer, Doudou N'diaye Rose. A master percussionist who was named a ‘living human treasure’ by Unesco in 2006. Doudou's journey to becoming a drum master against his family's will happened while traveling deep into the West African countryside to develop his talent. Once N’diaye had learned “more than 100 different rhythms”, elders named him the new chief drum-major, "mathematician of rhythm”. He fulfills his destiny as a leader of huge drummers orchestras and develops the polyrhythmic heritage of sub-Saharan music.

The Samoan Mau - Samoan
Directed by Obed Unasa & Tom Malota Animation John Unasa. 4 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
This animated short acts as a summary of key events and people that helped to guide Samoa towards independence in 1962. Lest we forget. Samoa mo Samoa.

Kardiyarlu Kangurnu (White Fellas Brought It)
- Aboriginal 
Directed by Simon Japanangka Fisher, Sheane Jupurrurla White, Jason Japaljarri Woods, Dennis Jupurrurla Charles, Jonathan Daw. 26 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Four elders from three central Australian communities tell their stories of first contact between Yapa and Kardiya (Aboriginal and white people). They speak of 'what white fellas brought' and of the foods, animals and laws that changed life in the central desert within living memory.

Water Lily’s Tale - Baniwa, Dessana and Tukano 
Directed by André Wissenbach. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Based on indigenous tales related to the origin of Amazonian fruits and plants. The animations are part of the collection of the Museum of the City of Manaus.

Frida Kahlo, à travers le masque (through the mask) – Mexican
Directed by Grégoire Boursin. 35 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
An animated documentary about the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

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