Rising Tide with Zak Noyle

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Rising Tide with Zak Noyle


Friday Jul 19 06:30 PM
Saturday Jul 20 04:00 PM
Tuesday Jul 23 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

Part of Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2019.

Special thanks to community partner Salvage Public.

Photographer Zak Noyle curates a shorts program showcasing Hawaiʻi’s new wave of surf filmmakers who share their love of surfing, the ocean, and their island home. Grab a drink and meet the filmmakers in the Luce Pavilion prior to the Friday night premiere of the selected films.

Q+As with filmmakers to follow.

The Lady and the Sea
Directed by David and Tatum Arias. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
An eclectic short film focusing on the connection to the ocean, and how it bonds us all.

Sisters of Surf
Directed by Ramon Brockington. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
Five women on the south shore of Oahu share their passion for surfing, the ocean, and everything in between.

Hawaiʻi: Island Life
Directed by Haden Brown. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min. 
A film that shows the true beauty of our islands, from favorite activities that include surfing, hiking, and exploring. All filmed using GoPro.

Menehune Mayhem 2019
Directed by Raja Iliya and Jon Spenser of Three Tree Creative. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
Every April, Maui’s north shore community comes together to put on one of the greatest grom contests in the world.

Passion Minded - A Change in Current
Directed by Dominick Nicholas. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
A dive into photo/film maker Dominick Nicholas's new chapter in life as he struggles to succeed in the art of change while finding himself along the way through a new passion and love for capturing in the ocean.

Directed by Nolan Omura. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
Being surrounded by beauty his entire life, Nolan wanted to share his vision with others. Here is Home through his eyes.

My Point Of View
Directed by Tommy Pierucki. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
Waikiki surf from a photographer's vantage point.

Nā Kaha nalu i ka Hawaiʻi
Directed by Yoshinori Tanaka. Hawaiʻi. 2019. 3 min.
A short dedicated to the art of kaha nalu, or bodysurfing, showcasing it’s purity in the beautiful waters of Hawaiʻi nei.

PROVING GROUNDS | The North Shore of Hawaiʻi
Directed by Connor Trimble. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
Every winter surfers from around the world flock to the pristine waves on the North Shore of Oahu. This is the mecca of surfing, where you come to prove yourself in front of spectators, sponsors and your peers. PROVING GROUNDS highlights the atmosphere you're immersed in during the winter season, the incredible waves from various perspectives and individuals riding epic waves.

30 Waves 30 Days
Directed by Adam Weitzel. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
An exploration into the mental health benefits of surfing.

Blissed Out
Directed by Elise Wilcox. 2019. Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
A look into what makes surfing unlike any other sport out there.

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