Joshua Radin

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Joshua Radin


Friday Jun 06 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $40.00
General Admission: $45.00


About the Performance:

Chicago inner-city art teacher-turned-singer-songwriter Joshua Radin hits the Doris Duke Theatre stage to play his chart-topping wistful pop meditations. His evocative compositions have made them catnip for soundtracks, with his songs lending emotional weight to shows like Grey's Anatomy, House, and countless other TV shows and films. Along with hits such as I'd Rather Be With You and Winter (it played a key role in Scrubs!), expect tunes from his 2013 independently released CD Wax Wings. "This album is the story of a romance, but there's no beginning and no end. It's more circular than linear," Radin told "Often in my past songs I've referred to my love as the sun. I flew too close to that sun on wings made of wax, and when they melted, I fell, over and over again."
Fun factoid: Radin played at Ellen DeGeneres' wedding.

Special guest: Erika Elona

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