Garden Paths | Andy Graydon

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    Andy Graydon


Garden Paths | Andy Graydon


Saturday Feb 28 10:30 AM


Honolulu Museum of Art

About the Performance:

Programming related to the exhibition Fig. 1 (these things we know): Andy Graydon

Garden Paths is a performance piece for a group of vocalists, designed for the grounds of the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Beretania Street location. In each of the museum’s five outdoor courtyards a solitary figure stands and recites a detailed description of a mysterious object. Each object is in fact a sculpture or statue from the museum’s collection. The pieces selected for description are art works and artifacts from Africa, China, Japan, Melanesia, and North America. 

The audience is free to circulate among the courtyards to hear each work being conjured by the performers’ voices. Slowly, the voices take on a harmonic, sung quality. Gradually the performers leave their respective courtyards and converge in the museum’s Central Courtyard, drawing the audience with them. Their voices mix together, combining the “voice objects” into a single mobile-like work of sound.


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