The Art + the Ink: Journey of the Heart Sutra

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The Art + the Ink: Journey of the Heart Sutra


Friday Apr 17 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $25.00
General Admission: $30.00


About the Performance:

A concert featuring unique collaborations of music, dance, poetry, art and calligraphy with world-class artists! Experience how artists explore the ideas and realms of nothingness and impermanence, and the notion that all is in a state of flux. Discover a diverse show where Japanese taiko drumming intersects with modern dance, spanning hoop dance to t'ai chi, slack key guitar stylings to butoh dance, various sound healing paired with art of ink and illustration infused with sacred texts—all woven into a moving, mindful expression of creation.

Master calligrapher from Japan Baikei Uehira, and his protogé Ryan Steven, will return to Honolulu and their works will provide a foundation and theme for this series of concerts. 

Artists involved include:
• Kenny Endo, taiko master
• Abhijit Banerjee, master tabla artist form India
• Andy Lee, artist and Art School instructor
• Twirling Girlish hoop dance company
• Willow Chang Alléon, artist, dancer, musician, poet
• Sequoia Carr Brown, artist, dancer
• Lori Ohtani/Tangentz, Japanese butoh dance
• Danny Carvalho, slack key musician
• Katie Fisher, artist and sound healing singing bowls, Chinese medicine
• Ernie Provencher, bassist
• Eric West, artist
• Vincent Green, artist
• Michael Hamilton, martial artist, Chinese medicine
• Maya Ball, artist and Mendhi artist

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