Art History

  • Icons of Art • AHAL162A01

    Class / 8 sessions / $120 / Room 101 / Tue 10am–noon / Jul 12–Aug 30 This eight-session course is organized around a series of documentaries that highlights dramatic masterpieces that influenced the course of art history. Classes focus on a single artist—ranging from Caravaggio...

    Dr. Amber Ludwig  
    Jul. 12-Aug. 30
    Tue 10am–noon Past_exhib_class_full
  • 20th-Century China • AHGL162W07

    Workshop / 3 sessions / $45 / Room 101 / Sat 10am–noon / Jul 9–23 An examination of the major avant-garde ideas, movements, revolts, and daring exhibitions throughout the 20th century, that have paved the way for the current explosion of contemporary Chinese art. Our first two sessio...

    Gary Liu  
    Jul. 9-Jul. 23
    Sat 10am–noon Past_exhib_gliu_tumultuoustraditions
  • Realms of Buddhist Art • AHGL162W04

    Workshop / 5 sessions / $75 / Room 101 / Sat 10am–noon / May 28–Jun 25 A five-session workshop examining the extensive evolution, migration and adaptation of art in Buddhism, from its birthplace in India, through East and Southeast Asia. Each session will be made up of presentations ...

    Gary Liu  
    May. 28-Jun. 25
    Sat 10am–noon Past_exhib_2726