Drawing + Painting

  • The Nature of Drawing • DPMN171A23

    Class • Sat-Sun 10am-4pm• April 8-9 • 2 sessions • $100 • Spalding House No class Mar 24 Students explore personal creative expression through botanical and biological illustration. Gain confidence in observing form while working with botanical or biological subjec...

    Sharon Birzer  
    Apr. 8-Apr. 9
    Sat-Sun 10am-4pm Past_exhib_sp17_adult_dp_22
  • Oil Painting: The Basics and Beyond / Apr 2-May 7 • DPLW171W27

    Class • Sun 1-4p• Apr 2-May 7 • 5 sesssions• $230 supplies included  • Room 200 No class Apr 16 New to oil painting? Start developing skills and techniques through still-life and painting-from-photograph instruction. Supply kits included: brushes, palette...

    Laura Wiens  
    Apr. 2-May. 7
    Sun 1-4pm Past_exhib_class_full
  • Open Painting Studio

    Open Studio / Fri 2–5pm / $5 per session / Room 200 / Jan 27-May 5,  No class Mar 24 No instruction provided. No pre-registration; pay monitor at each session. Artwork by Jahn-Peter Preis

    Jahn-Peter Preis  
    Jan. 27-May. 5
    Fri 2-5pm Past_exhib_sp17_adult_dp_38
  • Monday Life Drawing

    Open Studio / Room 201 / Mon 7–9:30pm  Live models and great music. No instruction provided. No pre-registration; pay monitor at each session. Artwork by Ellen Ercegovich

    Mark Brown  
    Jan. 23-May. 1
    Mon 7-9:30pm Past_exhib_sp17_adult_dp_37
  • Kindred Spirits Portrait Group

    Open Studio / Mon 9:30am–12:15pm / $8 per session / Room 201  / No class Mar 20, 27 Sketch, paint, or draw live models in a quiet setting. Bring your own materials. No instruction provided. No pre-registration; pay monitor at each session.  Image by Laurel Portner

    Yoko Radke/Laurel Portner  
    Jan. 23-May. 8
    Mon 9:30am-12:15pm Past_exhib_123a12
  • Projects in Ink • DPTT171W33

    Class • Sat-Sun 10am-4pm • Apr 29-30 • 2 sessions • $140 • Room 203 This workshop encourages students to create their own artwork using the techniques of Chinese ink brush painting. Choose your favorite subject—landscape, flowers, animals, portrait, etc.—and ...

    Tom Tong  
    Apr. 29-Apr. 30
    Sat-Sun 10am-4pm Past_exhib_class_full
  • Zen Brushwork • DPAK171W44

    Workshop • Sunday 1-4p • Apr 2-23  • 3 sessions •$60+ $75 supply fee paid directly to the instructor• Room 202 No class Apr 16 Zen brushwork is about finding yourself. Kay’s instruction begins with an introduction to the Tao of Painting and making ink. Focusi...

    Andy Kay  
    Apr. 2-Apr. 23
    Sunday 1-4p Past_exhib_sp17_adult_dp_34
  • Creating a Portrait • DPTT171W08

    Workshop • Sat-Sun 10am-4pm • Apr 22-23 • 2 sessions • $140 • Room 203 This workshop will lead you toward successfully creating and completing a portrait project. Using your favorite medium (oil, ink, watercolor, charcoal, etc), follow along step by step with the instruc...

    Tom Tong  
    Apr. 22-Apr. 23
    Sat-Sun 10am-4pm Past_exhib_class_full