Metal + Jewelry

All classes held in the Art School Metals Studio.

  • Mostly Metal • 152A52

    Class / 14 sessions / $285 / Metals Lab / Fri 9am–noon / May 22–Aug 21 Explore the malleability and beauty of working in metals by designing pieces with personal meaning. Essential jewelry fabrication skills include piercing, filing, riveting, soldering, texturing and finishing ...

    Cynthia Wiig  
    May. 22-Aug. 21
    Fri 9am-noon Past_exhib_cynwigg_jewelryb_d_466x300
  • Intro to Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting • 152A56

    Class / 11 sessions / $235 / Metals Lab / Mon 9am–noon / Jun 1–Aug 10 In this introduction to wax carving and the lost wax casting process, students learn to use carving tools, sprue and tree strategies, the investment process, casting technique, and finishing.  Syllabus ...

    Jim Friedman  
    Jun. 1-Aug. 10
    Mon 9am-noon Past_exhib_lostwaxcast_angie_reyes_01
  • Gemology • 152A53

    Class / 14 sessions / $250 / Community Room / Tue 6–9pm / May 19–Aug 18 Learn how to identify gemstones: black diamonds, pink diamonds, blue, yellow and even chocolate diamonds. Find out the right questions to ask to be a discriminating shopper. Learn about tanzanite, rubies, emerald...

    Brenda Reichel  
    May. 19-Aug. 18
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_gemology_breichel_01
  • Shippo: Japanese Enameling • 152W61

    Workshop / 4 sessions / $120 / Room 102 / Sat 4–8pm / Aug 8, 15 / Sun 11am–4pm / Aug 9, 16 Learn the ancient art of shippo (“seven treasures”) to produce works with jewel-like enamel color on a base of metal or ceramic. Beginning projects include small boxes and accessori...

    Kazuko Inomata  
    Aug. 8-Aug. 16
    Sat 4-8pm, Sun 11am–4pm Past_exhib_shippo_kinomata_01
  • Metals Lab Independent Open Studio

    Open Studio  For experienced metalsmiths enrolled in an Art School metals class. The studio is for personal projects only, not for business production. Minimal supplies available; no instruction provided. Check the posted schedule for availability; please pay the lab monitor $10. Open studi...

    Jan. 22-Apr. 26
    Sat and Sun 1-4pm Past_exhib_123a63-65
  • 初心者用ジュエリークラス • 152A54

    Class / 14 sessions / $285 / Metals Lab / Sun 9:30am–12:30pm / May 24–Aug 23 ワイヤーワークからストーンセッティングまでの基本を習える日本語でのクラスです。クラスは基本的に日本語になりますが、専門用語は全部英語で習います。専門用語を英語で習うことで、英語での中級者、上級者クラスへのステップアップも楽に出来るようになります。 細かい説明や質問は英語より日本語の方が楽…と思っている方、ジュエリー作りには興味はあるけど英語だとちょっと不安…と思われていた方...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    May. 24-Aug. 23
    Sun 9:30am-12:30pm Past_exhib_kvaughn_01_web
  • Jewelry 2.1 • 152W64

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $125 / Metals Lab / Wed 6–9pm / Jul 22–Aug 26 Refine your soldering skills, go beyond bezel settings, finish those unfinished projects, and try something new. Some topics may include tweaking your tools, making jigs, hydraulic die forming, and anticlastic...

    Brenda Ching  
    Jul. 22-Aug. 26
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_jewelry21_bching_01
  • Jewelry 2.1 • 152W63

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $125 / Metals Lab / Wed 6–9pm / May 6–Jun 10 Refine your soldering skills, go beyond bezel settings, finish those unfinished projects, and try something new. Some topics may include tweaking your tools, making jigs, hydraulic die forming, and anticlastic ...

    Brenda Ching  
    May. 6-Jun. 10
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_bching_01_web
  • Jewelry with an Attitude • 152A55

    Class / 14 sessions / $285 / Metals Lab / Thu 9:45am–12:45pm / May 21–Aug 20 Metal, stone, and fire—up close and personal! Learn the pragmatic approach to basic jewelry techniques taught through projects emphasizing direct fabrication in metal. Students are encouraged to incorp...

    Barbara Farrell  
    May. 21-Aug. 20
    Thu 9:45am–12:45pm Past_exhib_bfarrell_01_466x300
  • Wax Carving and Model Making • 152A57

    Class / 11 sessions / $235 / Metals Lab / Mon 6–9pm/ Jun 1–Aug 10 Learn to create models of basic designs that you can easily reproduce, and ways to modify your designs from a wax reproduction. This class covers basic wax carving techniques, casting, finishing, sprue placement/s...

    Jim Friedman  
    Jun. 1-Aug. 10
    Mon 6-9pm Past_exhib_waxcarving_jfriedman_01
  • Viking Knit Chain • 152W48

    Workshop / 2 sessions / $125 / Metals Lab / Sat 9am–4pm / July 25–Aug 1 This workshop covers making single and double knit Viking chains. Finishing off and making simple clasps will be included. Some basic soldering and fabricating skills will be needed to make clasps. There wil...

    Donna Shimazu  
    Jul. 25-Aug. 1
    Sat 9am–4pm Past_exhib_knitchain_dshimazu_01
  • Setting Found Objects • 152W60

    Workshop / 3 session / $150 / Metals Lab / Wed 9am–3pm / Aug 12–26 Expand the creative possibilities of jewelry design through the setting of found materials—bring in shells, stones, and other tiny treasures. Beginners and intermediate students learn to frame, bezel, ...

    Ashley Potgeter  
    Aug. 12-Aug. 26
    Wed 9am-3pm Past_exhib_foundobjects_apotgeter_01
  • Lockets • 152W58

    Workshop / 5 sessions / $220 / Metals Lab / Wed 9am–3pm / May 20–June 17 Beginner to intermediate students will learn a variety of techniques used to create dynamic works of interactive design. Use the hydraulic press to raise two forms, implement the skills necessary to ma...

    Ashley Potgeter  
    May. 20-Jun. 17
    Wed 9am-3pm Past_exhib_lockets_apotgeter_01
  • Setting Small Stones • 152W59

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $150 / Metals Lab / Tues 6–9pm / May 26–June 30 Designed to encourage the intricacies of small stone setting. Intermediate to advanced students will learn techniques to set both unique and faceted gemstones in tube, prong, and flush settings. Choose ...

    Ashley Potgeter  
    May. 26-Jun. 30
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_class_full