Paper Arts

  • Painting with Pulp • 161W56

    Workshop / 1 Session / $100 / Spalding House / Sat 10am–4pm / March 12 Create designs by pouring layers of multicolored paper pulp. Simple molds may be used to control shapes or pulp may be poured free form to create interesting color mixes. Leaves, feathers, dried flowers, yarn and other ...

    Alison Roscoe + Liz Train  
    Mar. 12-Mar. 12
    Sat 10am–4pm Past_exhib_ltrain_pulp_web_01
  • Kozo Bark Fiber Workshop—Innovative Techniques • 161W57

    Workshop / 2 sessions / $200 / Spalding House / Sat + Sun 10am–4pm / April 16–17 Kozo is a remarkably ancient and modern material—a steamed inner bark traditionally grown in Asian countries for papermaking. We'll look at the history and learn the traditional preparati...

    Jill Powers  
    Apr. 16-Apr. 17
    Sat + Sun 10am–4pm Past_exhib_jpowers_01
  • Intro to Papermaking • 161W52

    Workshop / 1 session / $50 / Spalding House / Tue 10am–2pm / Feb 2 Learn to create unique sheets of (Western-style) paper with moulds and deckles and a variety of fibers pulped in a Hollander beater. The history of papermaking and its contemporary uses as an art-making material will b...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Feb. 2-Feb. 2
    Tue 10am–2pm Past_exhib_paper_intro_153
  • Intermediate Papermaking • 161W53

    Workshop / 1 session / $75 / Spalding House / Sat 10am–4pm / Feb 20 Learn how to manipulate wet paper. Learn to double couch, embed, papermakers tears, add color, draw water lines, shape deckles, and create watermarks. Advanced students can design their own projects in consultation wi...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Feb. 20-Feb. 20
    Sat 10am-4pm Past_exhib_aroscoe_01_web
  • Advanced Papermaking • 161W54

    Workshop / 1 session / $75 / Spalding House / Sat 10am–4pm / April 30 Plan your own projects in advance with consultation with instructor. We will use high shrinkage flax and abaca and kozo. $75 plus $15 material fee. You must come the next day, Sunday, between 10am and noon to gather...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Apr. 30-Apr. 30
    Sat 10am–4pm Past_exhib_aroscoe_01_web
  • Paper and Encaustic • 161W55


    Denise Karabinus & Allison Roscoe  
    Mar. 5-Mar. 6
    Sat & Sun 10am–3pm Past_exhib_dkarabinus_04_web