Book Arts & Paper

  • Intro to Papermaking / Apr 7 • PBAR181L87

    Learn to create unique sheets of Western-style paper with moulds and deckles and a variety of fibers pulped in a Hollander beater. The history of papermaking and its contemporary uses as an art-making material will be discussed. Be prepared to get wet, have fun, and make sheets of art paper ...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Apr. 7-Apr. 7
    Sat 9am–1pm (1 session) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-04
  • Blue Jeans Paper • PBAR181L91

    Back by popular demand! Make lots of beautiful “blue jean” cotton paper that is suitable to be used for printing, stamping and bookmaking. Supplies: One pair of 100 percent cotton blue jeans cut into one-inch squares, that you must bring to the Art School one week before class. The s...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Mar. 31-Mar. 31
    Sat 9am–1pm (1 session) Past_exhib_pb_3
  • New Shapes for Paper • PBAR181L92

    Tired of paper rectangles? Learn how to cut material that will give your paper a s new shape! You can even  combine shapes or repeat one to create a larger work of art. For example, think about what you could do with 20 handmade paper circles! Supply Fee: $15 paid to Allison Roscoe Artwork...

    Allison Roscoe  
    Apr. 28-Apr. 28
    Sat 9am–1pm (1 session) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Making Softcover Books • PBML181L93

    In this class, students will learn how to make various types of softcover books: basic instant, accordion fold, pocket accordion, self-hinged accordion with a softcover, single signature chapbook using a three-hole pamphlet stitch and a five-hole pamphlet stitch, and a multi-signature book. Varia...

    Minny Lee  
    Mar. 1-Mar. 29
    Thu 6–9pm (4 sessions) Past_exhib_pb_5
  • Washi Explorer • PBHS181L95

    Explore several different types of washi (traditional Japanese paper) crafts to make a notebook using traditional binding techniques. For the first class, we will decorate the washi using itajime dyeing methods, as well as sunago (gold leaf scattering). In the second class, we will learn a techni...

    Hiroko Sakurai  
    Apr. 22-May. 6
    Sun 9am–noon (3 sessions) Past_exhib_pb_7